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Mission Statement

The Pharma Recruiters is a recruiting and consulting company dedicated to elevating industry standards and providing better results for both clients and candidates with a focus in the biotechnology, medical device, veterinary, pharmaceutical, home healthcare and laboratory diagnostics sectors.

What We Offer

With almost 30 years of industry experience, our team of recruiters have extensive knowledge of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and laboratory diagnostic industries.  Our expertise allows us to offer customized recruiting solutions for all of our clients, no matter what they require to launch and grow their company.

Service Area

Our expert BioPharma and Medical Device recruiting services are available throughout the United States of America.

The Pharma Recruiters Attract and Secure Top Talent For Our Clients!

Offering a Higher Level of Recruiting Expertise in the BioPharma and Medical Device Industry

The Pharma Recruiters is a woman-owned, National BioPharma recruiting and consulting firm founded by subject matter experts with in-depth knowledge and nearly 30 years of first-hand experience working within the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Veterinary, Diagnostic Testing, Life Science, and Medical Device industry. 

Having served in leadership and hiring roles within the industry for the past 18 years, we have the unique understanding and expertise that allows us to provide organizations with unparalleled, top-level talent acquisition expertise.  

Our Goal is to save our client organizations time by allowing them to focus their efforts on fulfilling their respective roles and responsibilities and not spending their time away from the field interviewing unqualified candidates.  We work on their behalf by utilizing an exhaustive search and interview process to present and recommend candidates that we would only hire on our own high performing teams.

We are happy to assess each company's needs and develop a strategic plan while partnering and offering flexible solutions based on whether a client company is launching a new product, expanding their team, ramping-up a new team or outsourcing an entire project in meeting their organization's talent acquisition and revenue goals. 

Providing an Extensive and Thorough End-To-End Recruiting Process

The industry has undergone quite a transformation over the past few years due to the ever-changing regulatory environment and competitive threats to branded products.  Branded products are losing exclusivity more rapidly.  As a result, many companies are forced to accelerate their market penetration and optimize their market share more quickly to receive a return on their investment.  Therefore, it is critical that newly launched products and start-up biotech and medical device organizations attract and hire the best of the best in talent to accomplish their goals.  

In successfully launching over 20 well known, Rx, OTC, and Medical Device branded products in the healthcare industry, experience has shown an organization has only one chance to get their product launch right.  We know first-hand, having the right talent in place is critical to the success of their launch and company.  

We offer the best of the best talent for our client's through our in-depth recruiting and interviewing process.  We develop a plan, attract candidates by various proactive means, assess candidate's skills with relevant, job-related questioning and qualifying criteria, evaluate their track records of success, and then we ensure there is a cultural fit between the candidate and the company. 

This is what we do!  We've done it as hiring managers within the industry for the last 18 years and now we can do it for our client organizations too.  We have proven that our in-depth, full-cycle, end-to-end recruiting process helps our clients ensure they are hiring the top candidates for their organization as we save them time from being out of the field and office interviewing unqualified candidates.

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Whether your vision is to build a top notch sales team, fill a critical executive leadership role, or launch your entire commercial team, contact us to discuss how we can become your talent acquisition and recruitment partner in assessing and serving your specific organizational needs. 

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